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My site must have everything..  That and I'm running out of ideas..
didn't know I was a poet did you ?  hahhahahahahhhahah .. 
cause I'm not...

03-04-07 (I totally came up with this sonnet.. just now)
Title: Summer Wine
Summer wine, how much can I have of you?
How much.. I desperately want to know.
Too deeply enchanted with your blood red hue,
I'm not going to stop when you start to flow
Your fluid motion mesmerizes me.
In my mouth, you feel playful and soft.
Your fragrant aroma intoxicates me.
I cannot help but drink of you oft.
Each and every moment I think of you.
You make me feel lightheaded and dizzy
My face grows hot, my cheeks a flush red hue
and when I take you I feel euphoric glee.
But I know that all good things must end too.
My sweet addiction, if only I could quit you.
8-8-06 (fresh of the press of my mind)
you were part of me, you gave me life
I could feel you deep inside me
pulsing hot within my veins
but then you left me..
Saddest Dream
You smiled up at me
As I held you in my arm,
And I awaken.